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    Know About InnerMost Shift Lead Coach

    One who compassionately spark the client’s own potential and triggers discovery process, Puja, Prosperity Coach (InnerMost Shift Lead Coach at AlphaStars Academy of Excellence – providers ICF ACTP) coaches the client to awaken to their strengths create a change at InnerMost level and make a big shift happen.

    She assist by building solid foundation for a deep change work that takes the client from breaking the habitual patterns to a heightened state of awareness of their True Identity. This enables her clients to choose strategic options that open them to numerous choices and begin creating Best Life possible.

    Her coaching style triggers a chain of changes at multiple levels that continues long after her session is over that would not otherwise occur to the individual working alone. To experience Puja, Prosperity Coach’s ability to act as an instigator of InnerMost shift to live the best Life possible is to believe it! Take immediately a coaching session!

    Puja, Prosperity Coach also engages in ‘Work Life Balance in VUCA world’ -focused customized group training, and coaching for success in:

    • Increase Job engagement

    • Live Life with Prosperity Consciousness

    • Make smoother Career transitions

    • Positive thinking and motivation

    • Embracing Change positively

    • Make More Time despite distractions

    • Minimize Stress Maximise Happiness

    • Enhancing non-verbal communication skills

    With more than 12-years of experience in the private sector and international companies as a dignified HR professional, she decided to move on her own on her heart’s calling, Puja, Prosperity Coach brings unmatchable set of skills to her current practice in Life and Executive Coaching.

    Now with over 2 years of personal and professional working in close association on real field problems and receiving mentoring from Sat and Siri who are ICF PCC, countries foremost Dr. Richard Bandler’s Licensed NLP Trainers.

    Puja, Prosperity Coach lives by the mantra, “Life is not a journey but a blissful process of (self) discovery in the pursuit of your dreams”.

    Leading by example of always insightful smiles, wiseful giggles and graceful laughter is her most powerful tool of coaching and teaching.

    She is fondly referred as ‘Prosperity’ by Sat and Siri her InnerMost Shift Mentor Coaches. They engage her as InnerMost Shift Lead Coach to groom newly trained ICF Certified Coaches.

    My Specialties:

    I will be happy to Coach You for:

    • Prosperity Coaching

    • Live the Best Life possible

    • Executive Work life Balance

    • Establish Personal Identity

    • Have a say at work place and otherwise

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    Clients I Love to Coach:

    ALL INDIVIDUALS who cherish to live the best life possible! I deeply enjoy coaching individuals of varied backgrounds.

    When I met my clients I make sure they make the innermost shift and maximize satisfaction in all areas of their life. I get clients who are wanting to create more fulfillment as they are willing to completely show up for themselves!

    My Coaching Statement:


    I am here to provide all an outstanding level of service and support, in order for each individual to be EMPOWERED to create ABUNDANCE in all areas of their life that they wish to be fulfilled! I promise to hold the safest space for all, in order for each individual to develop to be the absolute best person they can be by showing up for themselves and all others that surround them.

    My Coaching Commitment:

    I will always be operating with integrity for all and will ask the same level of accountability from each individual, so that they fully grow to achieve the phenomenal results they want to obtain in their life! I guarantee that I will always show up for all rooted in ‘Presence’, being in the “present moment” to best support each individuals needs, and I will ask the same from them, so they can honour themselves to live their happiest life ever…

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