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    ICF MCC Level NLP Prac.& Master Prac. Certification

    ICF Accredited MCC Level Coach Training with NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner Certification 18/20 Days Program

    With Guided coaching sessions, mentoring and full online / over the phone support post

    just like dancing in tune to someone’s responses, the coach and the coachee soon forget who is leading the responses and energy of music make it all happen, Client makes InnerMost Shift happen in the presence of energy of resourcefulness. And let’s not forget, resourcefulness here means resources of Coach and Coachee co-creating.

    InnerMost Shift Coaching is a structured way to artfully encourage and entrust the Client responsibility of living a richer, fuller and effective life. It is a professional approach of partnering with clients, trigger thought-provoking ideas and discover creative process to surface up from the ‘inner most core’ that inspires them to live with optimism, maximize their personal and professional potential.

    Using the various techniques and tools you learn during the coach specific training, as an InnerMost Shift Coach you learn to remain in your ‘Coaching Presence’ holding a ‘space of openness and total acceptance’ for yourself and for your client.

    With our professionally designed InnerMost Shift Coach training you learn skills, tools and framework to facilitate the client’s ‘self-discovery and re-union’ with their ‘inner most truths’ about their strengths, talents, qualities, their gifts and their ‘being unique and whole, living a life of unique purpose.

    The ‘masterful InnerMost Shift coach’ also work diligently with clients and navigate them to access “inner most resources’ and achieve harmony by way of ‘consciousness alignment’ with their Inner Most Truths while discharging their responsibilities, everyday decisions and actions.

    Your Learning as a InnerMost Shift (Life * Executive * Business Coach)

    As the role of a coach after getting NLP certification is to raise the level of consciousness of the client, you learn during the workshop ‘designing questions’ to ‘stir the inner most level of mind’ that ‘surfaces up options’ and ‘activate resources’.

    So you ‘get equipped with coaching skills’ to ‘challenge and inspiring’ the client to choose what they want, and ‘set clear goals’.

    As InnerMost Shift Coach, you get trained in ‘Direct communication’ and learn to ‘pace with client’ and help them ‘take initiative and ownership’, remain ever prepared to do what they cherish personally, in relationship or profession.

    A coach must make ‘intuitive and sound judgments’, so you learn how to ‘detect patterns’, keep the good one’s and ‘eliminate the unproductive one’s”

    Because no life coach certification can succeed in India until the client gets results, you learn to ‘empower the client to feel courageous’ and connect client to their mental strategies to consistently ‘execute action plan’.

    Our training enable you as ‘InnerMost Shift coaches’ to use ‘direct communication’ let the client comfortably reach to a ‘sound level of commitment’ to the self in the present moment.

    Expectation from you as a Coach

    The NLP trainer certification coach in India is indicted with the accountability of supporting the client, our InnerMost Shift Coach training imparts you skills of asking them ‘right questions’ and develop ‘ability to sense accurately’, this helps you to realistically figure out ‘commitment level of client’ about doing (or not doing) things necessary for their own good. This way every moment spent with the clients become worth it.

    Trained as InnerMost Shift Life coaches you attain superiority to support your clients to design the life they want. Your coaching session become effective to assist the client to ‘bring out their inner brilliance’ and harness ‘inner resources’ so that they can achieve supreme excellence and create purposeful, extraordinary lives.

    Being an InnerMost Shift Coach

    Our InnerMost Shift coaches are equipped with [wonderful set of NLP tool kit]. This is a world proven technology of human excellence.

    In our syllabus to train you on 11 coaching competencies, as defined by ICF, we cover the entire syllabus of NLP Practitioner as prescribed by Dr. Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP. While becoming ICF Certified InnerMost Shift Coach you get NLP certification as Licensed Practitioner of NLP or Master Practitioner of NLP or both of this, depending upon the ICF ACC level ACSTH or ICF PCC level ACTP course you choose).

    This gives you an extra ordinary edge over the other coaches in the market place.

    Being an InnerMost Shift Coach

    Internationally Approved ICF Coach+ NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner 18/20 Days CERTIFICATION TRAINING

    • Thoroughly get acquainted with international concepts, standards, practices, and ethics that makes field of coaching relevant to professional coaches.

    •A comprehensive model, structure and framework of coaching. You will get the complete picture of what to do to before, at the beginning and end of coaching session to be successful as a coach.

    • Life Matrix to understand the essentialities of life areas and situations that require coaching. What way coaching is different than counseling and therapy.

    • Strategies and models of executive coaching in the corporate context and what way this approach is different than mentoring and managing.

    • What aspects of business can be improved with coach approach and what are the basic ingredients coaching approaches and what way it is not like consulting.

    • How coaching supplements Leadership skills and know when to use this approach and style of leadership. What situations of workplace and life this won’t work.

    • Understand what kinds of questions trigger insight and positive action. Structuring the questions to generate options, encourage self- discovery and search solutions. Discover what kinds of questions knock out barriers and challenge limitations. What is way to seek acknowledgement and permission with your clients:.

    • Belief change strategies: Step by step coaching the client to unpack the strategies that formulate their belief system and governs behaviors.

    • Coaching for work-life balance: how to resolve inner and outer conflicts. Coach the clients how to achieve harmony, balance and resolution. Coaching to unfold new vision that integrate different aspects of life and live a balanced life.

    • Coaching to seek clarity on conflicting decisions win-win negotiations make rewarding decisions. Coach the clients to win over difficult life situations, raise standards and quality of overall life. Coach client to avoid shortsighted decisions.

    • Assisting your clients to increase motivation: Coach clients to stay focused. Bring to client’s awareness specific strategies that keep them moving toward their set objectives and goals specially when situations are not conducive.

    • Coach your clients to be clear about their values matrix: Connect and align to their core values and take value based decisions and inner harmony.

    • Coaching to design ‘As If’ state for superior success. Lean a methodology to coach client to future state the increases possibilities of success.

    • Coach clients to design milestones, process goals, learning goals and action steps that leads to commitment and success.

    • Align the Purpose, Intent and Outcome: coach clients to make goals achievable and resourcefully empowered.

    • Learn the art of Interacting – Contracting: Choose and contract clients that make you successful every time. Learn to make coaching relationship that brings success and results. Learn to measure and profile Coachability Index. Know the ways to understand Motivation, accountability and Commitment Level. Identify Thinking Patterns, Learning style and Sensory Preference.

    • Design tools and assessment methodology to assist your client to get going with all styles of thinking and every kind of situation.

    • Difference between directive and non- directive coaching communication. Identifying generative moment of illumination. How challenge client while maintaining on going relationship. Making coaching conversations that help the client get the very best from every coaching session. Requesting and supporting client without advising. Staying in tune with client’s needs and dancing in the moments. Using all such coaching concepts as a masterful coach.

    • Setting conditions that measure outcomes: Designing evidence criteria and progress tracking parameters. Coaching client to have ownership and responsibility of setting clear goals, taking action and getting desired results.

    • Coaching client to identify patterns in thinking and behaviors. Modeling productive patterns to multiply success. Interrupting unproductive patterns Coaching clients to create trouble free future. Assisting clients to identify strategies when they were most successful and outstanding, then coaching them to apply in other areas of to get the Best Life possible.

    • How coach people re-align values and define criteria’s to make the very best decisions. Help them identify and reorganize values and become clear about criteria evidence.

    • Coach and support: champion new choices and behaviors of the client. Learn creating safe space for the client to attain clarity, grow beyond limits, improve productivity and achieve prosperity.

    • Learn about maintaining Coach-Client-Sponsor tripartite relationship. Coach your client maintaining confidentiality as well keeping the sponsor satisfied. How to manage three cornered and four cornered contracting..

    • Principles that govern learning, change and transformation: how to coach clients taking into consideration Kubler-Ross framework.

    • The Propulsion System to accelerate Change and increase motivation: How to help clients identify in which of change, transformation and motivation stage they are while perusing their goals.

    • Conversational strategies to connect to address client’s maps of mind: How to remain considerate and aware of client’s patterns, filters and strategies.

    • Feed-forward the client to solution: how to wrap up interactions loaded with capsules of empowerment that enables the client to take it as constructive and future building.

    • Use honesty and boldness to uplift the client: Applying conversational intelligence to feed back honestly in a manner that doesn’t upset the client especially in a time when as a coach you have to challenge the client. Without resorting to giving advice.

    • How to make you client take learning form mistakes: This is one of the great qualities of outstanding coaches. Learn how to make client feel growing and learning while making mistakes.

    • What are the 5 prime derivatives of human evolution: The PCC level coaches learn the evolution dynamics to keep the client focus on the core of humanly functions.

    • What is sense of fulfillment: How to keep client working to get rid of tolerations and work to live happier, richer and fuller life.

    • Learn the 4 prime conditions that support any client to make shift from wish to well-formed goal.

    • Design problem solving questions that support any client in making innermost Shift from problem state to a more resourceful place and generate solutions.

    • Learn to Conversationally Coach and artfully challenge: How to apply frames of requesting and bringing client to agreement.

    • What is dancing in the moment: Learn the art of being alive and attentive to enhance your intuitive ability. Assist your clients consistently make rewarding and uplifting choices and do their very best effort.

    • Formulate evidential context: Help client to come out clear with evidence criteria’s and conditions that will satisfy when goal is accomplished.

    • Adopting best practices: Coach clients to elicit and model superior capabilities, high performance strategies and excellence form others as well as productive aspects of self.

    • Success Patterns: Coach clients to discover thinking and behavior patterns they have when they are most successful and future pace them to so that they can have them unconsciously when they need to replicate success.

    • Design assessments and profiling: Learn about assessment processes and instruments for coaching. Find out how not to categories or put them into a type of personality and rather use assessments to help your client to know and understand their own style while moving in VUCA world.

    • How design models and structure coaching session: The art and science of tool-based coaching that enables coaches to have telecom / over the skype and in-person coaching session with ease and mastery.

    • Steps to build a successful coaching practice –: Learn proven methods for selecting a Complimentary Coaching Session that unfailingly align with your marketing strategy, niche and promoting your practice.

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    Ongoing Support

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    FIRST TO FINAL STEP OF ” InnerMost Shift ” ICF + NLP Prac +NLP Master Prac CERTIFICATION