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    September 12, 13, 19

    Module 1: Resilience & Relationship Coach (30 hrs. of ICF certified coach training)

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    September 20, 26, 27

    Module 2: Success & Motivation Coach (30 hrs. of ICF certified coach training)

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    October 16, 17, 18

    Module 3: Success & Motivation Coach (30 hrs. of ICF certified coach training)

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    October 10, 11 + October 24, 25

    Module 4: Value Conscious Leadership Coach (35 hrs. of ICF certified coach training)

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    Certified Life Coach | Leadership Coach | Business Coach


    With added advantage of Personal Mentoring & Coaching Session Recording Evaluation

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    Class Room Training | Online Training


    The Shift Is Real

    At the core of ‘InnerMost Shift’ coaching model is the very fundamental human activity of getting in touch with the innate intelligence , referred as ‘Inner Guru by Indian ancient sciences or the ‘Wisest Self’ by modern thinkers, Seek the very best answers by tapping into your ‘Inner Knowing’ to deal with complexity and uncertainty in different life situations.


    By the end of InnerMost Shift Coach training of 6 days, 1st level ACC Training, you become equipped to design and use 12 Integrated Coaching Tools to coach the client in a step-by-step manner. You become competent and confident to sign up clients and deliver them measurable transformative results.

    You will be able to engage clients for 3,6, 9 or 12 months as per the package designed by you. Signing up one client for all the 12 session can get you paid nearly equivalent to the fee invested by you. This will empower you to plan 5,6 or 7 Figure coaching income


    Yes! You can be Life Coach, Executive Coach, Leadership Coach, Corporate Coach, Spiritual Coach,
    Business Coach, Relationship Coach or Health Coach.
    With InnerMost Shift Coaching model, you become competent to decode client’s stories or subconscious patterns and metaphors, extract inner resources, re-install and create the lasting InnerMost Shift to empower clients to deal with various stuck life situations and rewrite with a new story of life.

    Advantages Of Coach Training With Alphastars

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    Coaching Tools & Models

    As coaching tools & model are central to successful coaching, you will learn to engage clients for upto 12 months by creating tools & models even the skype/phone.

    Developing Business

    You can get guidance and insight about how to set up your own coaching practice if you are an individual.

    Peer To Peer Coaching

    You will coach and receive coaching from different coaches. Sometimes from around the world so that you really learn and grow in the global marketplace.

    Approved Hours & Certification

    126 hours Professional Certified Coach (PCC) level ACTP training and get Certified as InnerMost Shift Coach & NLP Practitioner. Alternative Choice of only 63 hrs ACSTH for ACC level, available..


    You will be taught by PCC Level successful International coaches and trainers who have coached top of the line leaders and CEOs and individuals. You get professional guidance.

    Specialised Attention

    We keep our classes to a maximum of 15 students. This gives individuals a chance and an opportunity to have focused attention & be evaluated and coached by trainers. Participants love this.

    More Than 30 Practice Sessions

    During 6+6 days live workshop there are more than 30 practice sessions. This ensures that you become professionally competent to sign up paid assignments.

    Professionally Crafted Manuals

    We provide you with comprehensive manual and NLP Coaching Tools .We help you design and develop coaching tools and forms you can use or adapt for your own use.


    You will receive 3 individual and 7 group 10 hours mentoring session for ACTP PCC level program, required for ICF Credentialing. Feed back on two recorded coaching sessions.

    Center Of Achievements

    We proudly bring to you some of the many Achievement of AlphaStars

    Over 20 years of Individual training experience


    More then 2000 Individuals Certified For NLP


    More then 100000 Individuals Trained on different skills

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    Listen to participants how thrilled that are!

    ICF Certified Life-Executive Coaching
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