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    Every person on this planet is meant to shine, and shine much beyond their limited belief in how much they can shine.

    We, humans are gifted with intelligence far beyond the realm of that of any other animal. Over the years, this intelligence has only evolved more and more. Yet, it is true that only a handful use this gift effectively and achieve the very best (the very best in business, in profession, in maintaining the house, the finance); while at the same time raising the internal awareness and being in peace.

    NLP Training India

    In and around the 1990’s, Master trainers ‘Sat & Siri’ were enlightened with a thought, a thought that triggered a series of responses and actions, on how to help people ‘Achieve The Best’, not just their best; but The Best.

    As when you meet the NLP Training India trainers you will appreciate better, integrity is a very high order value for them.

    Thus, with a promise to self, to deliver the best to whichever student crosses their path, they embarked on a journey of finding the best technology available for expanding human consciousness and maximising potential.

    By virtue and guidance of their Guru, Yogi Harbajan Singh, they discovered the immense wisdom for growth and change that lies in the Indian Scriptures, which has astounded many across the world with the simple yet powerful practices.

    As they had already started their journey of delivering the best, they came across Dr. Richard Bandler, the co-creator of NLP Training India (Neuro Linguistic Programming), and ensured they do the course with him, with a believe that if you have to teach someone, you have to first learn from the best.

    Combining the wisdom of Indian Scriptures with the tools and techniques of NLP Training India, at AlphaStars Academy of Excellence, started the pursuit of achieving the best, not just for self but for everybody … and it continues till date.

    Seek and you shall find

    People always take decisions, make choices based on their internal ‘Map of Reality’.

    Using the coach approach in training and in coaching, the trainers have led numerous people to ‘break-through’ sessions, wherein they came out with imaginative solutions and many-a-times a whole new multi dimensional objective..

    With PhD in ‘Intuitive Intelligence’ and ‘Quantum Success’, combined with the study of Indian Science, BestLife NLP Training India, collaborating with the leaders and best trainers from across the world, and over 20+ years of experience in training and coaching, the trainers realised, that real and lasting change comes only when the change is from within.

    A small change inside can lead to big, quantum shift outside. With this know-how and wisdom, the InnerShift Coaching Model was introduced, to create a mass of people who in turn can help millions Achieve The Best.

    Why AlphaStars?

    • The first letter in the Greek alphabet

    • The highest grade or mark, as in an examination

    • The carbon atom to which the principal group is attached

    • Denoting the dominant person or animal in a group

    The Brightest Star in a Constellation

    ….. So you know why you have to associate with the company
    ‘AlphaStars – Academy of Excellence’

    The Logo:

    With humans celebrating success, joy, freedom together the 7 stars of AlphaStars signifies the 7 colours of the rainbow, it is representative of the 7 days in a week. 7 resonates with the vibrations and energies of the ‘Collective Consciousness’, faith and spirituality.

    The colour of unconditional love, imagination and higher consciousness, purple & violet of the logo complete the true meaning of AlphaStars

    The logo signifies growth and achievement for all keeping the higher purpose, the collective goodness for the universe, the brahman in consciousness.


    Connect people to their inner resources and build a critical mass of outstanding people to lead the BestLife possible!


    We work with a mission of empowering men and women in their pursuits and endeavors, through our innovative and life changing workshops, coaching and programs.

    Values at AlphaStars

    We do not claim to be perfect yet we strive to live by:

    • Humanity

    • Integrity

    • Generosity

    • Humor

    • Flexibility

    We at ‘AlphaStars Academy of Excellence’ add values to :

    • Attain Conversational mastery for persuasion and impact.

    • Accelerated growth and progress in all areas of your life.

    • Wisely let go the past and handle criticalities of life.

    • Be absolutely decisive and clear.

    • Enhanced competencies to coach and lead anyone.