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    ACSTH – ACC Level ICF Coach Certification

    InnerMost Shift- Associate Level Coach- ICF ACC ACSTH –Approved Coach Specific Training Hours

    This ACC level course is designed to provide training to become Associate Certified Coach with Practitioner NLP level coaching skills.

    This 6 days and 63 hours fast track course serves you to qualify for ICF Associate Certified Life Coach and Practitioner NLP program. Course is followed by well designed online assignments. We follow up with you in a very focused manner and audit you the recordings of your 2 coaching sessions along with word by transcript. You get our constructive feed back on what could you possibly do right in your coaching sessions. It is personalised attention to help you excel.

    What we care is you become market ready to take up professional coaching assignments. You learn to coach the individuals via internet. We provide you session navigating situational tools. This means you use proper systematic and specific tools for a particular situation such as Gaining Clarity, Decision Making, Emotional Problem, Relationship Issue, Communication Challenge, Work-Life Balance or Getting Unstuck etc.

    There is no match to get trained in a group and physically being in a class.

    InnerMost Shift Coaching Model make you capable of Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, Business Coaching, Leadership Coaching or any coaching you wish to do.

    This is the primary part (Comprising 3 days + 3 days) of our 126-Hour InnerMost Shift Professional Certified Coach and incorporates core content that readies you for our 126-hour advance, Professional Level Course and even beyond.

    This focuses on you becoming a practitioner coach, covering the definition of coaching, the distinctions between counseling, therapy, and coaching, and the ethics of coaching.

    This “InnerMost Shift Coach Certification”

    6 Days Class Room Training prepares you to Coach your clients on:

    3 days- Future Focussed,Perceptual Shift, Relationship, Motivation

    3 Days- Resilience Building, Goal Setting, Communication Success

    You will also learn foundation level skills to complete NLP Practitioner Certification (if you choose to complete 12 days full or ICF ACTP) Click below to know

    NLP Practitioner Certification Skills

    As an ICF ACC ACSTH – “InnerMost Shift Coach” 6 Days Class Room Training you can choose to be a Masterful:

    Life Coach

    Executive Coach

    Business Coach

    With our ICF ACC ACSTH – “InnerMost Shift Coach” Certification

    As per ICF You will complete 63 hrs. ASCTH Approved Coach Specific Training Hours.

    You will then be required to complete 30 Hrs coaching sessions

    In order to apply ICF ACC ACSTH portfolio route:

    –You will be then required to get 10 hrs. Mentor Coaching paying extra fee.

    -Complete 100 Coaching hrs. with minimum of 8 clients.

    Out of 8 clients 3 client has to be paid clients.

    -Submit our ICF approved “InnerMost Shift Coach” Certificate

    There are other ICF terms and norms:

    Know more about the terms and different accreditation paths.

    Difference that makes a difference!

    You will learn and apply all NLP Practitioner level skills with Coaching Orientation. You will understand limitations and advantages of coaching models such as GROW. SCORE . CREATE, ORACLE and IC PROBE GAP You will learn applying and coach people on Best-life practices, Mindfulness, Quantum Physics, Superior Capabilities, Heart Math, Neuroscience, Principles of Indian Sciences, Learning Cycle, Active Visualization and many more…along with “Yogic Presence” and B.E.S.T Pattern of Mindfulness and Maximising Resourcefulness.…

    Important Note : DO NOT MISS TO READ THIS!

    You will have the option to complete PCC level ACTP- Accredited Coach Training Program with us because out Approved Coach specific Training is part of ACTP. This is the highest ICF credential to an Institute awarded by ICF.

    Enrol- Learn to be a Professional Level Coach in whole new way

    When you take 12 days ICF ACC Level ACTP “InnerMost Shift Coach” Training

    You also get NLP Practitioner Certification Click below to know:

    NLP Practitioner Certification Skills

    • This covers Full syllabus and skill-set as prescribed by SNLP Society of NLP, Dr. Richard
    Bandler USA. He is co-creator of NLP and you get certificate signed by him.

    • of NLP Skills with ICF approved coaching InnerMost Shift model

    As important is the skill of coaching, so is the ability to establish & run a coaching business. We pride ourselves in giving you outstanding insights into developing your Coaching Business

    12 Days Dual NLP Certification & ICF Coach Accreditation

    Certificates honoured with after successful completion of classroom study plus other study, coaching requirements mentioned above.

    (a) AlphaStars Academy of Excellence

    • InnerMost Shift Coach Certificate

    • Completion of 84 hrs. Training, under Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH)

    (b) Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming

    • NLP Practitioner Certificate, signed by Dr. Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP)

    (c) International Coach Federation (ICF)

    • Apply for ICF accreditations (ACC, PCC, MCC) depending on your present level.

    Simply stating:

    “InnerMost Shift Coach” Certification = ICF approved ACC Level 84 hrs. ACSTH + Practitioner of NLP Certification

    Additional Resources

    Skills of Developing Coaching Tools.

    As a coach, one of the most essential components is the use of good coaching tools. You get unparalleled support from us as you learn developing your own tools. Ask us how we support you with Coaching tools

    Enrolment section

    For any student, the ongoing support post the training becomes quite essential, and especially in a field like coaching where in the chances of improving the approach with any client is multiple folds. Check out various ways you will get Ongoing Support from us

    You will learn to design your own models, tools and framework of coaching in the niche you decide. Be it Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Wellness Coaching and Sales Coaching etc.

    About Trainers

    Sat and Siri Khalsa

    With over 20 years of Coaching & NLP certified training experience, Master Trainers ‘Sat & Siri’ are magical in changing life and sharing their knowledge & wisdom to do so with other.

    Know more about the Master Trainers ‘Sat & Siri Khalsa’

    Ongoing Support

    • Lifetime membership as InnerMost Shift Coaches

    • Coaches profile on AlphaStar website

    • Possible coaching opportunities

    • FB group membership (ongoing questions, answers & discussion)

    • Access to join the group coaching calls

    • Access to coaching tools (& updates)

    • Access to peer coaching practice.