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Continuing Coach Education

Already have some significant hours of Coach Specific Training & want to apply for your ACC / PCC level certificate.

We have various options for you

Join our Internationally Certified & Recognised BestLife NLP Practitioner / BestLife NLP Master Practitioner Course / InnerMost Shift Coach Training program

Join for 3 Days- Earn 15 hrs. ACSTH under CCE

Join for 4 Days- Earn 25 hrs. ACSTH under CCE

Join for 7 Days- Earn 40 hrs. ACSTH under CCE

Join for 8 Days- Earn 84 hrs. ACSTH under CCE

How it benefits you?

You learn also the internationally sought after BestLife NLP tools, the most recognised tools and techniques for coaching.

You learn the application of NLP tools in Coaching

you finish the balance hours you require to apply for your coach certification.

You get:

• Certificate of completion of CCE hours, as per the ICF norms

• Information on how to best apply for ACC / PCC level certificate