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    Get Executive Coach

    Our Innermost Shift Coach can help any Executive

    • Build confidence in leaders to take up new projects.

    • Align people with organisation values to create new culture.

    • Generate new ideas to fish in the blue ocean of new market.

    • Make more hours in a day increasing personal efficiency.

    • Have anyone to execute goal accomplishment strategy.

    • Formulate and achieve 3, 5, 10 or 20 years Big Higher Audacious Goals (BHAGs).

    • Develop new business model, work a new plan.

    And yes much more than you can ever imagine both in terms of creating impact or making more money if you work as a professional coach. Come journey with us a fun filled, deeply immersed training of the highest quality, gain profound skill mastery in NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner certification along with ICF competency training with us. We both, Sat and Siri are highly experienced and passionate, have practically used NLP tool-kit for years now in coaching people in different in different contexts.

    Get a certified Executive Coach which helps the client in multiple ways.

    • With executive coaching you can model new qualities and Be a better leader of your team, group, department or company.

    • Executive coach helps you develop resilience and Understanding while moving through the dynamics of expansion, restraints, growth or contraction.

    • Executive life coach designs and asks right questions; work and Address 360o feedbac.

    • Prepared executives to work for next level or getting on to the board.

    • Assisting Executives to be stress free personally and professionally effective.

    • Improve communication skills up, down, across the line and with internal customers.

    • Improve communication with external customers.

    • Set boundaries on where work begins and ends.

    • Help employees align with the company and create ideal culture.

    • Develop a high performance sales and executive team.

    • Set a vision, mission and business plan for your company.

    • Assist executives to effectively address specific feedback or a specific issue.

    • And much more.