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    Manager As Coaches

    Why take up our “Leaders/Manager as Coach” program?

    Coaching Skills For Managers is designed to help functional managers or units to take on broader responsibilities and more intensive leadership programs. This program is designed to increase the business skills and essential leadership skills capabilities of functional or work stream managers and who are likely to form the pool of future top leadership of the organization.

    This training program is filled with examples, tools, and the most innovative models and approaches designed to develop managers into successful leaders. We understand that the corporate world these days is dynamic and complicated. Our training program focuses on elevating managers to leaders who have an ambitious vision for themselves and their organization.

    Key Highlights of the program:

    • It uses a highly interactive and blended approach of class-room training, group discussion, role playing, and public speaking.

    • It also put you in touch with experts from different industries and regions, allowing you to collaborate with the best minds in the industry.

    • It will help you think strategically, and make more effective and quicker decisions.

    • It helps you understand organizational dynamics and helps you to improve the design and implementation of new initiatives in the company.

    • It helps your build strong cross functional, and cross border teams.


    Manager coaching Skills along with specially crafted “Coaching Session Situational Tools” for managers and leadership skills specifically in the context of those:

    *Who are leaders and managers

    *Who want to work with leaders.

    *Who are Organisational Developers

    Designed keeping in mind who crave to learn and apply coaching programs for managers with others in order to increase their effectiveness and influence. This program is dedicated to increasing the participants’ ability to integrate coaching into their current leadership style.

    During the 3/6/9/12 day program (can be customized for inhouse program) focus in on coaching skills and the coaching process, leaders are encouraged to examine their current behaviors, beliefs, values and leadership style while practicing and experiencing how coaching for managers skills makes them more effective. Adding the element of NLP for managers with coaching skills gives leaders a greater level of influence and increases skill set to be able to compete in a fast changing

    PROGRAM INCLUDES TWO prong approach:

    First the program focuses on how to coach a manager and practical application of core coaching skills and a coaching conversation model, enabling leaders to become more “coach-like” with their colleagues and teams, creating more socially and emotionally intelligent leader..

    Second the program brings you best of NLP for managers and Leadership skills for self coaching and coaching your team to success. It focuses in on common challenges that leaders face and brings powerful NLP for managers coaching skills for working those challenges.

    Graduates receive 30/63/126/216 hrs. Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Professional Certified Coach (PCC) Master Certified Coach (MCC) or CCE training hours and receive InnerMost Shift Coach Certificate

    Click below for details and decide a level for yourself:

    ICF ACC Level Credentials. ACSTH (6 Days)

    ICF PCC / MCC Level Credentials. ACTP (12/18 days)