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    Coaching Courses

    Insight about Coaching Courses

    Coaching is internationally the most profitable fastest growing profession. The only profession truly focusing on the agenda of the client, coaching is a very interesting and exciting profession.

    Take up our ICF Approved:


    (3 Day+3 Days class room training, offered in 2 months on weekends,3 Days on weekends every month or 6 Days in a row) -become ACC Level-Associate “InnerMost Shift Coach”


    (3 Days + 3 Days + 3 Days + 3 Days class room training, offered in 4 months on weekends,3 days on weekends every month 0r 12 Days in a row)-become PCC Level -Professional “InnerMost Shift Coach”.

    Establish yourself as:

    Life, Executive, Business,Wellness or Spiritual Coach. If you like you can be a Relationship, Performance, Sales, Team Productivity or any coach once you take up our ” InnerMost Shift Coach” program.

    What more?

    As you take up our full training “InnerMost Shift Coach” Training, you also get: NLP Practitioner or Master NLP Practitioner or both Certification depending upon the level of course you choose. Thus it is not just the Dual but Multiple Certification Training.

    ICF Certified InnerMost Shift Coaching certifications are prestigiously accepted around the world to establish as Life, Executive, Business or any coach you wish.

    AlphaStars Academy of Excellence is dedicated to establish and maintain the highest levels of professionalism training and developing global standard coaches.

    We are also committed to offer NLP coaching services to help individuals, executives and business owners in developing, innovating and responding to unpredictable changes and circumstances.

    We trust and sincerely work with an intention that professional coach training is one of the foremost personal development and most rewarding process for coaches and their clients.

    The purpose of taking up our Approved “InnerMost Shift Coach Training” Program (6 days or 12 day classroom training) is to provide you with the finest and most practical superior capabilities and life coaching courses possible. This Training is full of numerous coaching tools that will manifolds enhance your ability to assist others in professional manners.

    You will learn how to help clients to get unstuck, gain clarity in their lives and give them a deeper understanding of what will get them the life and work situation they aspire.

    You will also learn how to help them access the qualities they need to move beyond blocks to their success and develop the competency to fulfill their dreams. These are highly sought-after and rewarding skills.

    The program aims to help you establish internal or external coaching practices with the exhilarating and breakthrough coaching modalities based on Yoga-Somatic Energy Shifting ideologies, Quantum Entanglements, NLP training courses, neuro-linguistic programming.

    It also innovatively integrates neuro-science, mind-body and quantum shift, universal wisdom principles that take you beyond the inconveniently procedural methods offered in several of coaching trainings.

    You will gain an edge over the others along with powerful skills to build a professional and/or life coaching practice, as well as enhancing your current practice through NLP courses.

    Technology and Science that create InnerMost shift can’t be learned through lecture alone. Thus this Course will also use:

    • Live Experiential Cases,

    • Demonstration,

    • Proven Cases,

    • Discussions,

    • Simulations,

    • Role-plays,

    • One-One Practice Coaching Sessions.

    A coach is not like a trainer who imparts training on skills on how to run a race, a Coach is the one who encourages an athlete to win the race and “champion the gold medal” – not just be in the race.

    Professional coaching can be defined as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential, which is particularly important in today’s uncertain and complex environment. Coaches honor the client as the expert in his or her life and work and believe every client is creative, resourceful and whole.


    • You are interested in starting a Life Coaching, Executive, Health Coaching, Business Coaching, Corporate Leadership Coaching, or Executive Coaching Career

    • You are exploring to add coaching to an existing career

    • You are already coaching for a while and would like to get professionally ICF Credentialed

    • You want to learn how to integrate neuro linguistic programming and , Coaching Techniques with the ICF Coaching Model

    • You are ready to make radical shift in your thinking and have an intense, life-enhancing experience

    Know more about various NLP coaching specializations & Methodology

    Download Now, to know the various Benefits of becoming an InnerMost Shift Life * Executive * Business Coach

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