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    NLP Courses Outline

    The program modelled & structured as per 11 well defined ICF Core Competencies covers the following areas.


    • About Coaching

    • Laws that Define Human Existence

    • Being, Be and Becoming

    • Conducting Coaching Sessions.

    • Coaching essentials and Insights.

    • Assessments and Profiles.

    • Contracting Coaching Engagement.

    • Establishing coaching practice.

    • Assessing the Coach Competencies.

    • Designing Coaching Tools & Tips.

    • BEST Life Patterns Minfullness

    • Pattern Changers

    • NLP Practitioners Level Coaching Tools

    • NLP Master Practitioner Level Coaching Tools

    Innermost Shift BestLife Certified Coach The course encompasses Powerful Modules created to give you a structured learning of coaching.


    Leaders & Manager as Performance Coach / Motivation & Change Coach

    Leaders is one who creates an inspiring vision, motivates others, is able to identify the strength in all and take people along.

    Leadership is not a position, it is a virtue one carries to inspire others. As much as leadership is required in an organizational setting to take people along and reach the vision of the company, it is also required to run a household and to bring up kids.

    Be it employees, spouse, family members, friends or even children, to motivate someone is to have a person think from their perspective.

    Learning the coaching conversation skills you create an innate ability within yourself to be able to motivate anyone, lead them to a vision and surpass their current level of performance.

    As a Performance / Motivation and change coach, take pride in leading your team or your child to a new level of success, you know you can do both.


    Belief Change & Vision Coaching

    While it is true that an individual’s success or failure is determined by the belief one holds about self, it is also true that the success or failure play a large role in shaping ones belief about self.

    Be it a person of any age or an organization, the potential to tap is unlimited, once a person identifies what needs to be done, lays it down as a vision and has the belief engine running in full throttle there is nothing that can then stop.

    Have you ever come across situations where you just know, that a person is holding back because of the belief the person has ‘adopted’, that the person is far more capable and capable of having much larger vision. Does that moment leave you wishing there was something you could do about it?

    Well, here’s your opportunity. Learn to coach a person out of a limiting belief system into a strong resourceful belief. Be a catalyst of change, helping individuals or organization chalk down their vision and re-vamp their belief system to achieve outstanding success.

    When you take 12 days of full ACTP InnerMost Shift Program, it also covers:

    NLP Practitioner Certification Skills

    Full syllabus and skill-set as prescribed by SNLP Society of NLP, Dr. Richard Bandler USA. He is co-creator of Certified NLP Practitioner Course India.

    Integration of Certified NLP Practitioner Course India with ICF approved coaching InnerMost Shift model


    Life Decisions and TimeLine Coaching

    There are several times in life when one comes to a crossroad and the decision taken then changes the life course forever.

    Life Decision is intervened with the personal history and the way the person visualises the future. A skilled InnerMost Shift Coach holds within the understanding and is equipped with tools to help any individual reflect upon the situation keeping a wider perspective of the past reality and looking at the future possibilities with a check on the personal and professional commitments, desires.

    While taking a life decision can be quite stressful, you as a professional coach will be able to walk the person through the various possibilities engaging your client in a manner to be more productive and take a decision which will result in lasting happiness.


    Identity & Purpose Coaching

    Happiness or joy is the emotional state that proceeds from the achievement of one’s values. Suffering is the emotional state that proceeds from a negative or destruction of one’s values.

    In today’s times there are a lot of people struggling to find their self identity. Lost in the stream of the corporate identity and what the society expects them to do, people are looking for what gives real meaning, real purpose to their lives.

    Being a ‘Identity and Purpose Coach’ is thus of the highest calling as it identifies one with the InnerMost Values and unities the person with the life purpose, which results in lasting happiness.

    A person who embarks on the journey of living, his or her true life purpose is not only happy and peaceful within, but also spreads happiness and joy towards whoever he or she comes in contact with.

    When you take full 20 days PCC/MCC Level ACTP all Modules, it also covers:

    NLP Master Practitioner Certification Skills

    • Full syllabus and skill-set of Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming as prescribed by SNLP Society of NLP, Dr. Richard Bandler USA. He is co-creator of Certified NLP Practitioner Course India and you get certificate signed by him.

    •Integration of Certified NLP Practitioner Course India Skills with ICF approved coaching InnerMost Shift model

    Do you Identify with the profession of coaching? Is your true purpose to be a coach?”, add before the question. “Ask yourself –