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    Online BestLife Coach Certification

    InnerMost Shift BestLife Online Coaching Program

    Take up our 6 Months – 24 Weekly Module

    This is self paced, at the comfort of your own convenience, an on line Best-Life Coach Training Program. This is not a live program that will be once telecasted and thereafter you loose the track of it.

    This online life coaching courses program is designed to increase the life, leadership, carrier, health, financial and relationship coaching capabilities and create InnerMost Shift in a systematic step-by-step manner.

    You will receive weekly self- study , self-learning comprehensive background notes worksheets as well as an audio overview of the study module. Once you have completed the module you will get assessed by an InnerMost Shift Mentor ICF ACC/PCC level Coach. The flaws in your understanding will be removed.

    InnerMost Shift Mentor Coach assigned to you will be continuously available to you through out the 25 module with unlimited email support and one hour every week as live online support to fulfil your needs. This will instil confidence in you to take up, manage and successfully complete your coaching engagements.

    What more? all the course material received will remain available to you for the life time.

    Upon successful completion and assessment of full 6 months, 24 weeks program, you will get a certificate stating ‘AlphaStars BestLife InnerMost Shift Coach’. Yes you will be a fully equipped BestLife Coach to make the inner most shift happen!!!

    Below is 20 modules program orientation. Followed by every 8th module , there will be a one 1.5 – 2 hrs. full interactive session and demonstration to clarify your personal doubts. Thus 3 modules will be covered like this in addition to 20 given below and final one will be a test / assessment making it is 24 module weekly program. Some of the modules are of short duration. so more than one be covered in one session and others of longer duration may get covered in more than 1 session.

    As our expert & trained ICF ACC/PCC Accredited InnerMost Shift Coaches will be mentoring you, this will surely make you an excellent AlpsStars BestLife InnerMost Shift Coach. This is why the course is very economically priced.

    The Syllabus:

    Take up our 6 Months – 24 Weekly Module

    This module introduces necessary concepts about Life Coaching. You will understand real motivations of life coach and the challenges that make life situations and relationship complex, and a Life Coach of 21st century is expected to address.

    You will explore what a coach doesn’t do how Coaching is different than the rest. How distance coaching over the phone, skype and email can be profitable. You will also know about designing tools for coaching and developing mind set as coach.


    This module helps you with inputs about setting your office as a life Coach and comparing options Deciding place of work, means and infrastructure to invite kind of clients you want to coach. Highlight of the module is beginning to rate ‘yourself’ on required traits a coach


    This module educates you about different circumstances and conditions in which clients walk for coaching. You will understand the ‘matrix of life’ and areas of concern.

    Learn about Profiling different segments (Relationship, Money etc. and mapping real issue (habits, emotions, beliefs etc.). Yes you will get a profiling tool.


    A module to understand how and when change happens, what are unconscious ‘patterns of Motivation’. How different individuals have different ‘thinking styles’ and what are ‘Communication Vitals’

    Learn about ‘Strategy of Accomplishment’, elements of deeper listening and rapport building to ‘dance in the moment’ to get the best solutions and generate finest options that will work for client


    A module equips you gain understanding of client’s model of world. What keep people holding and how to have them make a breakthrough. Techniques to deal with negative self talk, overcoming fears and self-sabotage You learn about Visioning Magnificent Future, embracing positive mindset, Setting SMART framework, design action steps and reworking on Beliefs

    A framework of InnerMost Shift IC PROBE GAP will be explained.


    This module prepares you to handle issues related to work, understanding position and knowing preferences that help people take achieve best in career and profession.

    Learn about factors that help in adopting a right mind-set correct unproductive attitude. Ways of influencing up the line, inspiring down the line and make a strong peers connection.

    Increase assertiveness, improve delegation and become wiser in Time and Resource allocation


    Learn in this module ‘money and matter’ and necessary beliefs and attitude to curb ‘Money Wasters to bring Financial Discipline.

    How to enjoy budgeting and increasing inflow by getting raise in job or increasing income.

    Planning Lavish holiday, branded clothes, personal jewellery etc. along with working a financial freedom plans and develop ‘Prosperity Consciousness.’


    A module to learn about Changing destructive habits such as unhealthy food, Smoking, Unsafe risking, Betting, Uncontrolled Drinking Impulsive shopping.

    Habits are best friends and worst enemies.


    A module to learn about problems and challenges in relationship. Ways of mending attitude to get along improve trustworthiness, handling differences and criticism,

    Secrets of living healthy and long-term relationship, improving intimacy and love. How to Increase engagement and involvement. Insight about factors that leads to Impotency and sexual indulgence.


    A module to help parenting. Learn about significance of Different Ages as per Indian yogic sciences. How life turns at age 7, 14, 21 and 28 and ways to inculcate discipline.

    Life style for nurturing habits and cultivating Values. Assertiveness vis-à-vis agreeing and obedience.

    Cultivating habits of saving money and spending, Removing fears while encouraging self-belief and Confidence

    This will help you design coaching sessions on handling Puberty with Maturity. Understand Challenges of Youth, Dating & Confidentiality.


    A module to make you understand symptoms of stress, source of stress and related factors that affect sleep cycle. Relaxation & Rejuvenation to overcome worries, anxiety.

    Dealing with depression & anger by Improving Joy factor.


    What must website of a Life Coach look like. Tips to spread word, initiate and carry on interactions communicate about niche and Specialty .

    What options are available to participate in forums and write blogs. How to use social media and modern means of commination.

    Choice of brochures, presentations and e-books.


    Module to understanding and responding enquiry, types of customers and requirements. Payment issues, Complimentary Session and Closing on Sale. Also Tracking those who have not closed.


    Module to learn about sending invitations, welcome letter and informing terms and conditions.

    Different types of agreements, formats and forms for coaching Commitments about confidentiality, agreement on‘ Intimate. Emotional and Sexual’ restraints


    Module to learn about ways of introducing Session/ Recap Session. Declaring ‘How InnerMost Shift Coaching works’ and giving word about’ Tools of Change’.

    Deciding Agenda, Session Contract and outcome. Insight to Set Behavioral ‘Goals” ‘action plan and steps set progress parameters to evaluate’ the InnerMost Shift


    A module about taking your coaching business to next level. Choosing Name, Mission, Values and Studying Competition

    Setting system of Bookkeeping, CRM, Support and Services as your business grow big.

    Increasing sphere of presence by setting alliance with other coaches


    A module about approaching companies by understanding and knowing Organizational Structure. What works there and what doesn’t. Where does a life Coach fits in for executives

    Signing with companies keeping tripartite agreement work and issue of confidentiality in mind.


    This module gives insight about SQ – Spiritual Quotient, underdoing spirituality and different levels of consciousness.
    Understanding meaning of life, purpose and increasing sense of contribution. When is the right phase and time of turning towards spirituality?


    This is special module to give insight about, what does it take to coach business owners?. It does not make you a business coach but as a life coach you need to understand problems of family and business owners.

    Help them develop habits to control expenses and prevent overheads overshooting their heads.

    You will learn about balancing work-Life and get tips to help them living through partnerships. Have then vision to turn business into peace giving venture and develop prosperity consciousness.


    The module to design Silver, Gold, Platinum packages by knowing the advantages of packaged and themes based selling.

    What factors you must keep in mind while deciding on rates and payments terms by realting services to features and benefits

    This is perhaps very essential input a new or experienced BestLife Coach seeks to establish coaching practice.