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    Think! What is it that today seems impossible to achieve?

    It does not matter if it is long pending goal, or a goal you have recently thought of, we know from experience of coaching millions around the world, the only thing stopping you from achieving your goal is unconscious patterns you are holding on to towards achieving your goal.

    Believe it or not, it is a trademark of all outstanding people to set and accomplish goals.While almost everyone is aware of this fact, yet relatively few people are able to actually set and accomplish meaningful goals that bring value to their personal and professional lives.You may at this point ask, “so, what is the solution?”. Well, most outstanding people hire coaches to probe them, question them, raise their awareness so that they become aware of the unconscious patterns, and take action steps to achieve the best results.

    Outstanding people have long sworn to the advantages of hiring a coach. Three of the most reiterated advantages we have heard over & over again are:

    Advantage 1: Coaching leads to unprecedented success &wellbeing

    Ask any individual who has been successfully being coached by a professional coach, and the list of benefits earned by the person will be impressive. Some common benefits mentioned by individuals as well as organization are improved relationship, improved problem solving capability, increased productivity, increase in employee satisfaction. Notice how each of these valuable benefits has a direct correlation to the setting and achievement of goals.

    Advantage 2: Coaching Brings Accountability

    Life is busy and most of the times frenzied, a coach will allow for greater accountability for any action you take. A good coach will gently lead the individual to remain focused on goals set by the individual which has impacting his/her overall personal & professional life.

    Advantage 3: Coaching Helps Change to Occur

    Organizations and individuals are creatures of habit. A good coach raises the awareness of people hereby, allowing for a fresh perspective to be brought to the table. With a good coaching session, individuals and organizations allows for change to take place without the discomfort or stress which is otherwise tortuous.

    Trust us, Coaching is an investment in success.

    Question is, is it an investment you are ready to make?

    What do you have to do?

    Simply, follow the guided coaching session for the successive six weeks, and experience the

    never before change in your life.

    No matter what your goal is:

    • To have better relationship

    • Make higher profit

    • Get the pending promotion

    • Starting your own business

    • Getting a fit body

    • Any other

    With the ‘Train your Brain for Success’ 6 weeks free coaching session, you will be amazed by the kind of shift you can bring within yourself.

    Based on the most sought after ‘NLP tools’ for coaching, following the ICF competencies of coaching, Master Coach, ‘Sat Puram Singh Khalsa’, ICF PCC certified takes you through the self-guided, self-paced, six weeks ‘Train your Brain for Success’ coaching sessions,following InnerMost Shift Coaching Model.

    So, are you ready to create the InnerMost Shift within you?

    All you have to do is, subscribe to your weekly dose of awesome coaching sessions.You will get a link to a guided video session(s), and downloadable pdf files for you to work on your goals.


    And the best part … it’s free!

    6 guided weekly coaching session from the masterful coach, “Sat Khalsa”.

    Pssssttt! Here’s a secret, ‘Sat Khalsa’ normally charges approx. $750 for his hourly business coaching session.

    So, you are write now getting $4500 worth of guided coaching session free!

    Isn’t it awesome. What are you waiting for.Subscribe to the weekly guided, self-paced coaching sessions and gear up for achieving your goal now.

    Still want to know more ways watching this series would benefit you?

    • As you watch these videos, you will unconsciously learn something new and your approach to life situations would become different. We have included some of the vital points in every video that will help you to streamline your thoughts ideas and actions.

    • After you complete the exercises; you will experience an amazing difference in your thinking with the learning and move to next level in your learning.

    • Yes, you will gain insights to observe and understand people; you will also ability to model, how they think and achieve excellent results will increase tremendously.

    • You will also become conversant with terms used by NLP Practitioners and Professional Coaches.


    Don’t wait anymore! Experience for yourself, benefits of the video series worth $4500 you’re getting free

    Subscribe to the weekly guided, self-paced coaching sessions and gear up for achieving your goal now.